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Marketing 101 for small businesses

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

First things first a solid Marketing Strategy is important to reach your business goals. Weather its increasing brand awareness or driving sales, understanding your target audience is most vital. Free tools such as google analytics or meta business suite providing great insights. You can learn about your followers demographics and how they interact with your website and social media profiles.

Is it necessary posting on every single social media app every day? No!

Creating targeted marketing campaigns could lead to more return on investment than spending several hours posting on social media accounts. It's critical to understand what your target audience like to consume on these platforms before posting random things only for the sake of it. If you aren't sure what to post, its good to start with anything you offer such as services, products, reviews, and opening times- if you have a physical store.

Do I need to keep my website up to date? Absolutely! Your Website is most likely the first touchpoint when people searching for a specific product or service online. Make sure your website has a mobile version, as more and more people using their phones. Second important is your google business profile! Make sure to keep both updated with latest offers, services, opening times, and contact information.

How can I grow my audience? Every platform works differently, let's start with your website. If you like to share your knowledge and the story about your products or services more in depth- the answer is a blog on your website. Or getting featured on other websites also increases the reach of new potential customers. For social media - videos are more likely to generate new followers than image posts. Keep in mind stories are important to engage with your current followers not new followers. Plus videos (reels) have a longer lifespan than stories. Try to post quality and value for your community. Don't worry too much about #hashtags, your description is more important.

Still feeling overwhelmed or don't have time to write down a Strategy? Get in touch with us and book a 1:1 Consulting meeting. We get to know each other and you will leave with a clear action plan for your business. During those 1h sessions we go though your website and social media together, and we help you with your business goals. We can also help you setting up social media profiles, connecting platforms, and integrating Google analytics to your website. We are happy to help you getting started and guiding your though the digital jungle.

Your Digital Flower team

#thiswaswrittenbyahuman *we love ai and we work with ai. It would be nice to have more transparency in the digital world.

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